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Now ,"What Is Grace" is on the shelves

at Wisconsin's Largest Teacher Store!

I like cooking, fishing, building things, and parsing Greek verbs.

Another excellent book on a difficult topic. You lay this teaching out as clearly as humanly possible with great art work and illustrations. I know, like your first two books, it will bless many. God bless you for sharing your teachings with others, esp. children.

Reverend Mark Nordman

It's all about Jesus

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Our first brick and mortar store!!!

***If you are intrested in getting some copies let me know.***

Everybody is so nice there.

It's awesome!

- Meet the Author -

If you have the time, you can read a little bit about Jesus and the Mystery,

on...'The Unsearchable Riches of Christ' .

I tried to keep it short.

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Here's a quick peek at some of the characters and illustrations from inside this cute little book.

A panorama of understanding communicated through the use of fun illustrations and simple language to explain one of the main pillars of the Christian faith. This book was tailor made to fit the need in the church today. Every one who wants to educate children in the basic foundation of Christian belief, be it Catholic, Protestant, or Non-denominational can now utilize this resource to effectively teach this truth about the persons and nature of God with confidence and ease.

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Newest children's picture book to be released to the public soon.

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Jesus loves all the children

Jesus loves you


This is where I live and some of my family. My dad makes the best chili I ever had.

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