I have experienced joy inexpressible, peace which passes understanding, love that passes knowledge, miracles and much more.

So, I know that this is for real.

I can't promise all these things will happen for you,

But, God promises that they will.

The secret, is The Mystery

Knowing about the unsearchable riches of Christ is one thing...

but, having them in your life is the goal.

That I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ
                                                                        Eph 3:8   KJV


God loves you so much.

Before He made the universe, God planned out how He would save you, bless you and let you into heaven. The way He would give you everlasting life and the unsearchable riches of Christ, would be...by living in your heart through His Son Jesus. God truly wants to be your friend.

For this to happen, God had to keep His plan a secret. That is why it is called the Mystery. If the princes of this world had known about God's plan, they wouldn't have crucified Jesus on the cross. Jesus had to die on the cross to pay for your sins, so you could be free from sin and become God's friend.

So, Jesus died on the cross, was buried in a tomb, and on the third day, God raised him from the dead.

After Jesus paid for all of our sins and we were made free from sin (so we could now be friends with Jesus' Father), God brought Jesus back to life with His mighty power.

Now, because of what Jesus did for us, God could send the Spirit of His Son, Jesus, to come and live with you in your heart.

This is...Christ in You!

This is what God kept a secret from before time existed, from before He made the universe. That, there would be a time when His people would get the promised Holy Spirit, living in them, so they could be His children and live forever.

In the Old Testament, only special people had God's Spirit upon them and just at special times. God wanted all His people to have His Spirit. Now, because of what Jesus did...everyone who believes in Jesus...gets God's Spirit living in them, all the time.

This is the Mystery and this is how the unsearchable riches of Christ become yours.


Grandpa   2018


A children's picture book searching for the treasure which Christ brings into your life. The unsearchable riches of the Gospel, which the Apostle Paul mentions in Ephesians, are viewed from a simple, yet powerful, perspective. In a day and time where many people are looking for spiritual truths outside of the Bible, this cute little picture book brings us back to the true source of peace, joy, love, eternal life, etc.; God, through His Son Jesus Christ. This little treasure has no particular denominational stigma, it is universal to all Christians and acts as sort of an advertisement for Christ. Great for outreach.

Many people are chasing after money, fame and power, thinking that getting what they want, is success.

Could it be, the unseen things and intangible things are more important to living a happy life.

For the stressed out one, it could be peace which passes understanding

For the sad and depressed, it could be inexpressible joy

For the lonely, love which passes knowledge

For the guilty, to find forgiveness

And, there is so much more,

That money can't buy.

Want to know



The unsearchable riches of Christ is what everybody needs.

I want these riches in my life!!!

The Mystery

When you see what The Mystery is, it will enable you to begin receiving the unsearchable riches of Christ in your life.

Before He made the world, God was thinking of you. He developed a plan (in His infinite wisdom) of how He would bless you so incredibly, that you would believe, and want to worship and adore Him.

He had to keep His plan a secret, in order for it to work. So, in His divine patience, He waited for the perfect moment.

Then, He sent His Son Jesus, who lived a sinless, holy life.

Then...God had His darling Son Jesus, die the most horrible torturous death on the cross, to pay for the sins of mankind.

However, unexpected by the rulers of this world, God raised him from the dead. When Jesus was brought back to life, we were clean of sin and given the gift of righteousness.

God did the most incredible thing, He put Christ in us. He gave us everlasting life.

The Mystery is...Christ in you!  For real!

Christ living in your heart, by faith, involves the power of God presently working in and for you. Christ is the source of all riches. Christ is the power of God. When you have Christ in you, you become a grace magnet, you attract the favor of GOD.

We are vessels containing the treasure within.

The secret is not a formula for success,

It is a portal of victory in life, from heaven.

Now, we have begun.

                                                                                                               Michael Nordman  2018


Here's a quick peek at some of the characters and illustrations from inside this cute little book.