Here's a quick peek at some of the characters and illustrations from inside this cute little book.

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This children's book presents a cute illustration of the different meanings of the word "grace". As we venture through some of our darling little character's life and imagination, we see adorable examples of this. As she explores some practical applications of the various meanings of the word "grace" it leads her to take a look at God's grace, in Jesus.

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What Is Grace


An exploration, from a child's point of view, of the various uses of the word "grace", which then leads us to take a look at God's grace, in Jesus.  

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“What a delightful book. This is a perfect book for introducing young children to the truth of the gospel of God’s grace. I loved the way Mike pointed out the different uses of the word “grace” and the illustrations he used, transitioning it into the simple
gospel message that anyone can understand. I recommend every parent and grandparent get this book and read it with their young family members. It would also be a great tool for Church children’s ministries to give out to every child.”

Ted Nelson, retired pastor & itinerant minister

Any young child the Lord has brought into your life will be blessed by this colorful, clear, and concise message of God's grace.

"What is Grace?" is one of the most important questions we will ever be asked.

In a world of confusion and chaos this short book is refreshing. Although the primary target is children, Michael Nordman's presentation of grace calls all of us to go back to a child-like faith, regardless of age.

As you share the excellent art work and words with youngsters you cannot help but be blessed as well. "Amazing grace how sweet the sound." Happy reading!

Rev. Mark A. Nordman

Pastor at Salem Lutheran Church
in Blue Island, IL

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- Meet the Author -

One day I came home late from ministering and before going to bed I decided to check my email. There it was, a book sent over in pdf form called "What Is Grace" by Michael Nordman. I thought I would quickly glance over it, but to my surprise I read it with great joy and I truly was captivated by this children's book written by a dear friend and supporter of mine for years. The author Michael Nordman has done such an excellent job in explaining the most important truth in Christianity, God's grace. Although it was written to children, I as an adult and teacher of the Bible was enlightened and look forward to using these simple but powerful examples in this text, to an audience of adults. This book is simple but profound and it perfectly reaches children in such an amazing way. I believe this book was inspired by the Lord and it will be used in bringing many children to Christ.

Reverend Igor Ashkinazi

Freedom Ministries International

in New York City.

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